Achille Lauro doll

Sometimes dreams come true and you can find one of your doll on the cover of the new album of the famous Achille Lauro.
During the recent lockdown, we have been asked by friend and stylist, Nicolò Cerioni, to create a special one of a kind doll of Achille Lauro for an upcoming project. So we started creating a unique doll who could be his avatar. We never could imagine this doll could replace him totally for the promo pictures of his new album and at the end on the cover. It was a great honor to pay tribute to this new and so creative singer, who is really rocking the Italian music system.

The doll has been totally repainted from head to toe, with all the iconic tattoos he has. Hair has been fully hand rerooted and of course, all clothes and accessories have been manually created.

“1990 – Deluxe Edition” is out in store and we are proud to be part of this incredible music and artistic project.

Most of the pictures are taken from official @achilleidol Instagram.

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