Barbie Museo Mudec

Barbie Mudec Barbie Mudec Barbie Mudec Barbie Mudec Barbie Mudec Barbie Mudec Barbie Mudec

Official Barbie to celebrate Barbie The Icon Exhibtion at MUDEC Museo delle Culture – MILANO

“Barbie© MUDEC” is a true limited edition official Barbie doll, commissioned by Mudec Museo delle Culture of Milan, where we have collaborated to the incredible and first ever authorized “Barbie – The Icon” exhibition.

Barbie Mudec is inteded as true tribute to the museum concpt. In fact, we restyled and designed completely the satin fabric, printed with the museum logo , emphatizing the multicultural expect with the edgy hairstyle inspired by African mood.
Fully lined and handembroidered with sequins, beads and real Swarovski crystals, along with custom handmade accessories and jewels.

Moroever the wide light sheering gown is inspired by the inner architecture.

Unveiled at the opening of the official exhibtion “Barbie – The Icon” held at the Mudec (Milan) from October 28th, 2015 to March 13th, 2016, in collaboration with Sole24Ore Cultura.

The doll is now displayed at the exhibtion as special piece.

There are 2 different version fo the doll, a Caucasian and a Afro-American version.

This doll was produced by Magia2000 in collabroation and authorization of Mattel Italy, with special head painting and hairstyle directly provided by Mattel USA, with special supervision of principal designer Bill Greening.

Special THANKS TO:
Sole 24Ore Cultura, Mattel USA, Mattel Italy and Mudec Museum for this prestigious collaboration.

Not Available for sale, limited to only 10 pieces worldwide

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