Barbie Sweet Delizia

Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia Barbie Sweet Delizia

“Barbie© Sweet Delizia” is the souvenir doll for the 2015 Italian Doll Convention held in Milano – Italy, designed by Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi, aka Magia 2000.

For the second time, Magia2000 has been authorized by Mattel US to customize and designed a special soubiner doll for the Italian Doll Convention, based on the worldwide Mattel produced doll “Spotlight on Broadway”, turning her into a different look and with a new authorized name label, BARBIE SWEET DELIZIA.
Magia2000 designed the concept of the doll and thsi time, produced the 265 pieces of the “Sweet Delizia”, 240 pieces are in light tiffany green and only 25 pieces are in a pink version, limited only to staff and helers members.
This incredible doll is based on the original worldwide Mattel Convention doll “Spotlight on Broadway” who was officially authorized to be undressed and customized by Magia2000, designers Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi.
The Sweet Delizia Barbie Doll has been officially authorized by Mattel USA.
The dress is made with silk taffeta, with matching colour net underskirt, completely enriched with hundreds of genuine rhinestones in pink and light green colors, the top is adorned with a pink satin trim and a gros-grain bow. Magia2000 also created the pearls necklace and earrings for this version along with the taffeta shawl and rose bracelet.

This special doll has its own original box, designed by Magia2000 and authorized by Mattel with brand logo.
she also comes with her stands, certificate and sketch of the conventioneer’s version and wrapped in her original pink paper and labeled “Italian Doll Convention” trim.

Unveiled to the conventioneers at the Melia Milano Hotel, during the Gala dinner of the 2015 Italian Doll Convention is a treasure doll for any Barbie Collector and another special achievement for Magia2000.

Special THANKS TO:
Mattel Usa & Mattel Italy

Not Available for sale


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