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Magia2000, the artistic duo formed by fashion designer, Mario Paglino and graphic art director, Gianni Grossi, was playfully originated in 1999.

After few months, playing became collecting and then artistic passion. From USA to Russia, from Japan to Europe, they are the first doll designer who travelled the world with their creations inspired to the Italian high fashion and in 2016 they received the prestigious Barbie Best Friend Award by iconic designer, Carol Spencer.

Their elegant, rich, fully detailed style has been their distinguishing tract from the beginning of their adventure. Through the years they also donated several dolls to charity events around the world, raising funds to benefit different and important associations and in 2009 they have been also auctioned from Christie’s and Sotheby’s for Mattel Italy’s events.

They are the first foreign designer duo who create two Barbie convention dolls, in 2006 “Barbie Film Noir” and in 2012 “Barbie is Eternal”.
Today, Magia2000 collaborates on a regular basis with Mattel Italy and Europe for many Barbie special projects, as for “The Black Barbie Issue” of Vogue, the Barbie UK TV Adv or the “Barbie loves Alitalia” and many others, being considered as external “Barbie designers” for official events.

They also create one of kind dresses and special collections for several 16” dolls and are worldwide recognized for their unique sense of fashion and quality.
Featured on Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and many collectors magazines, they are also famous for their artistic one of a kind celebrity dolls, as Cher, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Laura Pausini, Giorgia, Sophia Loren or Lady Gaga, but mainly for their dolls dedicated to Madonna. After being part of the London “Simply Madonna” Exhibit in 2009, they had the honor to meet the Queen of Pop in person at the Graham Norton Show on TV.

In 2011, Magia2000 created the Italian Doll Convention, the largest fashiondolls event in Europe, promoting the passion for Barbie and all fashiondolls. From 2015, they are consultant for the “Barbie The Icon” exhibtion in Milan and Rome, where they also displayed part of their personal Barbie collection .

More details & highlights:

  • in 2002, first artists who take part to US National Barbie Convention in Denver.
  • in 2003, Magia2000 design the official Brigitte Bardot doll with Venus Promotions company
  • in 2006, they create the official souvenir doll “Barbie Film Noir” produced by Mattel US and unveiled at the National Barbie Convention in Los Angeles
  • in 2008, first collaboration with Mattel Italy, supervising the project “Barbie Caterina De Medici”.
  • in 2009, they work for Mattel Italy on several projects celebraing the Barbie 50th Anniversary ( The Barbie Vogue Issue, Barbie Michelle Hunziker, Barbie event at Colette Paris, and many more)
    they created a special commissioned series of dolls for Simona Ventura.
  • in 2010, they work for Barbie loves Kartell, Barbie loves Garbiele Colangelo for the Vogue Fashion Night Out.
    they create the ooak series of official “Barbie loves Alitalia” dolls, also auctioned for Telethon
  • in 2011, they chair and launch the Italian Doll Convention, the first Italian event for fashiondolls collectors.
  • In 2012, they finally deliver one of their tribute doll to Madonna during the British TV show, The Graham Norton Show.
    In July, they design their second official US National souvenir doll “Barbie is Eternal” and in October, the one of a kind “Barbie Couture Huntress”, donated to on behalf of Mattel US.
  • In 2013, they received the fashion award “The Look of the Year” in Taormina at the Teatro Antico.
  • In 2014, they expose a special collection of their ooak dolls at the Musee de la Poupee, during “Retro Chic Barbie” exhibtion and published their first book “Dreaming of Dolls”.
  • In 2015, they produce “Barbie Oriental Obsession” on request of Mattel Italy for fashion store LuisaViaRoma in Florence.
    At National Barbie Convention, one of their ooak doll is auctioned for $ 15.000 for charity.
    They create the IDC souvenier doll, official “Barbie Sweet Delizia”
    In late October, they are consultant and collectors involved for “Barbie The Icon”, the first exhibtion in a museum about the legendary fashiondoll at the MUDEC, Milano.
  • In 2016, they received the prestigious Barbie Best Friend Award by Carol Spencer, as promoters of the Barbie culture in the world.

Dreams that become true, and bring Magia2000 in a core position in the world of doll collecting and design.

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