Commission Request


Have you ever thought of a wonderful and special gift for you or some cherished person?
Why don’t you make us create a unique doll with your look, your image and your style?

Birthday, Wedding or Special Anniversary are perfect moment!

In past years , we created beautiful reproduction inspired to real persons and most of them are now special and cherished present in their home.

How to do:

  • Choose the right moment to be reproduced: a marriage or a big event, a lovely memory outfit as anniversary, or dating.
  • Send us an email with one full-size pic and a close-up one
  • Ask us for an estimate. It’s easy and free!
  • Then we will conatct you to let you know if this is reasonable possible or not.
    (to get the better result, consider that we work on dolls on the market, that we change and repaint, so this gotta fit with the person’s look)
  • Tell us your final delivery date, we wanna make your special gift possible on time!
  • And of course, tell us your story to put the more details as possible. We can work together to build the perfect reproduction for you.

The more we know , the more beautiful and customized this will be!

Here is a commission we did for a newly-married couple

(the original pic we received)


Commission Request Commission Request

(here are the realized dolls)

Commission Request

(and here we have the loving couple together with their wedding gift! Thank you Manuela & Enrico)

Above pictures have been published under authorization of the persons involved.

So don’t loose time, and think about a special and different way to celabrate yourself or the beloved person next to you!

Example 2:

lalory3lalory2lalory   lalory110299928_10204079124919154_3285718542740292828_n 10486070_10204434664247415_4036963797798059529_n

Thank you Marco & Lorena

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