There are special dolls which really means more than a simply creation of elegnace or style. This doll is much more than we ever did for any celebrity or Vip, it's a real piece of our hearts.

In 2011 we lost a friend and an incredible artist, Melissa Windham. We create this doll to be auctioned at the 2012 GAW convention , raising money for charity. The doll is a tribute to Melissa artistry and elegance and we used the 2 fabrics, her husband Joe sent us. Melissa showed me her selection for a doll she wanted to create and this doll is made with those fabrics never been used by her.

Fully lined, in silk satin and French black lace, she wears a romantic ballgown handembroidered by Magia2000 with tiny beads, sequins and real Swarovski crystals.

She also received a complete facail makeover with professional repaint, using professional acrylic colours and sealing recalling Melissa's face and colours. A new elaborated hairstyle and fine matching jewellery set.

Auctioned at 2012 GAW convention for charity.

We miss yo Melissa, R.I.P.

donated to Charity Auction at 2012 Grant a Wish (Detroit- MI/USA)
in tribute of Melissa Windham