This is an incredible project we are truly proud to share with everybody.
For the 2011 Rome Film Festival, Barbie joined Alitalia in a big party at the middle of the Auditorium in Rome.
For this special event, Magia2000 have been called to create 14 special dolls , reproducing the iconic Alitalia hostess uniforms since 1950.

All dolls have been created with details, after a visit to the original Alitalia archieve. These Barbie dolls will be exposed in a personal case in Alitalia store in the middle of Rome, at Piazza di Spagna.

Thanks to Mattel Italy and Alitalia for this chance and collaboration.

Dolls are in private collection for Alitalia.

copyright images by Gianni Grossi

MAGIA2000 for "Barbie Loves Alitalia"
Fabiani 1973-1975