Donated to the 2008 Barbie National Convention in Kansas City (USA), and bidded at the Charity Live Auction for $6000, this doll is a tribute to the movie stars of "Sex and the City". It's a replica set of the Wedding scene outfits and each doll was created as a single detailed piece, with so much attention to every single shapes and accessory. They received a full facial repaint with professional colors.
All accessories are handcrafted by or for Magia2000.

Not Available for sale

Note: this doll is unique and not for sale. It's not a doll into production and is not part of the official merchandising of the celebrity. we are not affiliated to any of the possible designers nominated as inspiration or to the artist whom inspired us. This is an artisan piece and not replicated.

Sex and the City OOAK dolls by Magia2000
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