Giorgia Giorgia Giorgia Giorgia Giorgia Giorgia Giorgia

It’s not the first doll we dedicate to the most beautiful voice of Italy, Giorgia, but this one is really special for us. We love Giorgia and we are very happy to know her personally and we want to pay tribute to her beauty but also to her incredible talent and human being with this new doll we created as gift for her only, celebrating the end of her succesfull “Oronero –  2017 Tour”.

We recreated in small scale the original Francesco Scognamiglio haute couture dress , she wore for her performance at the 2017 Festival di Sanremo, with a long black sequined dress with light grey silver top adorner with micro hand-crochet bright fucsia leaves decorations.
Original doll has been completely hair rerooted and handpainted with professional acrilic colors.

Special Thanks to Giorgia and her stylist, Valentina Davoli.

Not available for sale.

Note: this doll is unique, donated directly to the artist and not for sale. It’s not a doll into production and is not part of the official merchandising of the celebrity. we are not affiliated to any of the possible designers nominated as inspiration or to the artist whom inspired us. This is an artisan piece and not replicated.

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