Giusy Versace

Giusy Versace Giusy Versace Giusy Versace Giusy Versace Giusy Versace Giusy Versace Giusy Versace Giusy Versace

Magia2000 is proud to introduce the ooak doll inspired to Giusy Versace, para olimpic athlete. This doll is a replica of her sport outfit with enriched prosthesis in Swarovski crystals. She also wears red tank with her own logo.

She also received a full facial makeover, repainted with professional acrylic colours and sealing. Hairstyle handcrafted by Magi2000.
This doll si part of the “Wall of Dolls” project, supporting campaign against violence on women.

Not Available for sale

Giusy Versace is President of ‘Disability no Limits’. The national non-profit organization raises funds to secure high-tech aids for economically disadvantaged people with disabilities. Giusy is also a rising track star, notably the 100m (T43), with several national gold medals and an Italian record to her name.

Giusy’s life took a new direction in 2005 following a terrible traffic accident. She lost both her legs when the crash barriers smashed into her car as a result of the impact. Slowly, but steadily, sustained by her faith and support from family and friends, she reconstructed what she calls “the complicated puzzle that was my life before”. In 2010 she experienced the thrill of running again and before long, with encouragement from her mentors Fortunato Vinci (Italian Paralympic Committee) and Andrea Giannini (athlete and coach), she became deeply immersed in the world of competitive sprinting.

Note: this doll is unique and not for sale. It’s not a doll into production and is not part of the official merchandising of the celebrity. we are not affiliated to any of the possible designers nominated as inspiration or to the artist whom inspired us. This is an artisan piece and not replicated.

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