La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni

La Petite Robe La Petite Robe La Petite Robe La Petite Robe La Petite Robe La Petite Robe

This is a special commissioned doll by Italian fashion designer, Le Petit di Chiara Boni, especially created in replica of her runway outfit. Outfit has been created with original stretch lycra of the human size one, in perfect replica of shape and hairstyle.
This doll si part of the “Wall of Dolls” project, supporting campaign against violence on women.
Special Thanks to Mrs. Chiara Boni

Not Available for sale

Note: this doll is unique and not for sale. It’s not a doll into production and is not part of the official merchandising of the celebrity. we are not affiliated to any of the possible designers nominated as inspiration or to the artist whom inspired us. This is an artisan piece and not replicated.

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