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Creating this year’s Magia2000 donation for the 2017 Barbie National Collectors Convention’s Live Auction brought us to think about one of the most beloved Italian modern heroes, Samantha Cristoforetti.

Convention’s theme “Blast off with Barbie” was a great inspiration but as usual , we wanted to bring something touched us deeply.
Between 2014 and 2015, Samantha Cristoforetti was the first Italian female astronaut who joined the International Space Station with the ISS Expedition 42/Expedition 43 Futura mission, with a European record and female record of permanence of 199 days in the space.With her tweets, books and TV interviews she told her amazing story and experience in space and transferred her passion and joy for this amazing journey. As most of Italians, we fell in love with her and her passion, but especially for her love for our Earth, she often talk about the beauty of our planet viewed from the space station.

That’s the inspiration for our “Magia Space View” ooak doll, where you can see the contrast of colors of that magical view. From the bright yellow and green of the lands, fully hand-embroidered with hundreds of sequins and flowers, going through the light blue of the oceans raising your eyes up to darker blue of the sky and the atmosphere, ending in the black deep sparkling universe.

But it’s also the way to celebrate Barbie and the dreams we built with her, playing since we are children, creating our own world with all the fantasy story she lives and which we all can make it happen … because dreaming is the essential part of our life and bring us to achieve the best we can…flying up high in the sky and the universe.

Fully hand embroidered with thousands of real Swarovski crystals, embedded stones, different beads and materials, hand-rerooted hair and special handcrafted accessories, elaborated dress construction and several weeks of hard work , she is the essence of Magia2000 and a tribute to the beauty of our planet and a personal tribute and thank you to somebody like Samantha Cristoforetti who inspired other persons and especially women to never give up and believe in dreams.

This doll has been donated for charity at the 2017 National Barbie Collectors Convention in Houston for the Live Auction benefit “Casa de Esperanza” association and has been auctioned for the incredible amount of $12.000 compeltely for charity.

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