NEW line “MG2” by Magia2000

It’s Fashion PRET-A-PORTER time!

MG2K is a younger version of Magia2000, a sort of pret-a-porter collection with standard dolls, mainly model muse body but not only, a line where we play with our signature Magia2000 famous silhouettes, reinventing our style in a different way and with different materials level and embroidery.
Dolls in this label won’t be a OOAK anymore, but we will limited the replica edition time by time, to reach and satisfy more customers.
Anyway they will be limited only up to 5 pieces replica each at most.
The price point will be more affordable and even if we will continue to guarantee a quality standard, some details will be different.
Face repaint will be a partial makeover, with new makeup and lips but not a full repaint as our main line has.

MG2K will be available in preorder for a limited time of 7 days,you will be able to place your order though our official website
from TODAY at 6 pm CET
and we only ask a 50% deposit. Production of the pre-ordered dolls will be satisfy within 6 weeks from the ending of the preorder time.
Balance will be requested before final shipment.
We hope this new line and new selling system will satisfy and reach more customers and give the chance to more of you to get a limited edition Magia doll anyway.

Of course, our main OOAK doll line “Magia2000” will remain our focus and it will be our main collection for the “in presence” convention we will attend in the future. And about that, we will unveil a little collection of new OOAK dolls next Saturday February 19th, 2022.

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