Magic Morgan Le Fay



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Product Description

Inspired to the glamour of the Fairytales villains and princess collections, here is a couture inspired doll to Morgan Le Fay, whcih became very popular in Sicilian tales. The tale tells that after she left Camelot, she moved to Sicily where she lived forever, controlling the area of Messina, looking the sea and scaring some of the people of the island.

The wide siren dress is made of light purple and gold brocade,  we manually embroidered with real gold beads and sequins in her front and voulant shoulders drapes, doubled with acid green silk taffeta. She holds a handmade purse with famous Sicilian decoration in ceramic.

Outfit is lined and not removable from the doll.

All accessories as earrings, necklaces and bracelets are handcrafted by Magia 2000 with tiny different metal materials and tiny crystals and genuine Swarovski stones.
Original face painting has been completely removed and repainted by Magia 2000 with professional acrylic colors and sealing.
She comes in her Magia 2000 display box with stand and certificate of authenticity.

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