The Presidential Gala

The Presidential Gala The Presidential Gala The Presidential Gala The Presidential Gala The Presidential Gala The Presidential Gala

She is ready for the great Presidential Gala and she couldn’t be more glamourous, stunning and extravagant as the real spirit of America. Magia2000 got inspiration from the iconic colors of the American flag and reinvented them into a softer version with a couture sense of style in this amazing wide ball gown made with light pink lace hand embroidered with a different light blue lace flowers , with thousand of real Swarovski crystals and beads and sequins in matching colors, stones and crystals in star shape all over.

the wide gown has a rich underskirt in different colors made of tulle and her shoulders are covered with a vibrant blue silk chiffon drape embellished with real Swarovski crystal in star shape.

All accessories , as fan, necklace and jewels has been manually created by Magia2000 with fine materials and genuine crystals.
She received a full facial repaint makeover with professional acrylic colors and protection sealing.
She comes with stand and her custon mirrored plexi exposition set designed by Sherri Martin, custom Magia 2000’s box and Certificate of Authencity.

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