Wall of Dolls

Wall of Dolls

Magia2000 supported the “Wall of Dolls”, created by Jo Squillo to support the campaign against violence on women.

Magia2000 donated on of their ooak doll “wonder Magia Woman” to the Wall of dolls to represent the strong heroin who protect Women from violence, she wears a tribute to the iconic #1 Barbie swimsuit completely handbeaded with real Swarovski clear and black crystals. she also has the iconic ponytail haristyle but with a touch of Madonna, who was always the muse of Magia200 and surely one of the most powerful woman on the planet, fight for human rights.

Moreover, Magia2000 have been called by designer Eva Cavalli to create the special and official “Roberto Cavalli” doll for the project, as well as from Chiara Boni and Giusy Versace.

Wall of Dolls Wall of Dolls Wall of Dolls Wall of Dolls

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